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Web chemistry: Sweeteners
Web chemistry: Sweeteners
Subject Chemistry
Level Upper secondary
Language English and Dutch
Type Online lesson and online tool

The project 'Web chemistry: Sweeteners'is a web-based learning unit. The principles of the new teaching approach in Dutch secondary school chemistry: “Chemistry between context en concept” are being introduce. The major concept of this learning unit is stereochemistry. The context is “Sweeteners”, particularly the synthetic sweetener aspartame. Considering the teaching methods, this module is based on blended learning principles and an active e-learning approach. The students learn actively using virtual 3D molecular models accessible on-line.

The learning unit “Sweeteners” was developed in 2004-2006 in a group of secondary school chemistry teachers in cooperation with experts of the AMSTEL Institute en the Van ‘t Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences at the University of Amsterdam. This module is designed for students at secondary education advanced level, the last two years of the pre-university stream. In 2006-2007 several secondary schools use this module experimentally.  
Contact details
NameAonne Kerkstra
Last update: 2 July 2007


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Web chemistry: Sweeteners in DutchWeb chemistry: Sweeteners in English
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