European Science Teaching Award

The Winners of the European Science Teaching Award at SOS1 and SOS2

The European Science Teaching Awards is presented to the most outstanding projects presented during the Science on Stage festival, in recognition of teaching excellence, inspiration and motivation of young people. They provide a financial stimulus for making outstanding methods and materials available to other European science educators. They are also intended to serve as a much-needed boost to the prestige of teachers in general.
The prize winners of the Science on Stage 2 festival in Grenoble are:
1st prize (4000€)
Finn Skaarup JENSEN (Denmark) : Robots in Real Life

2nd prize (3000€)
Mario MITOV (Bulgaria) : Demonstration Model of an Eco-Energy System

3rd prize(2000€)
Ida REGL (Austria) : Sunny Side Up

4th prize (1000€)
Zoltan KÖLLÖ (Hungary) : You CAN do it !

CERN prize
Patrick PACELLA (Luxemburg) : Chemistry Teaching in Luxemburg

EFDA prize
Nils Bernt ANDERSEN (Norway) : Juicy Greens, a Pupils Enterprise

EMBL prize
Panayiota NEOPHYTHOU (Cyprus) : Cell, the Building Block of Life

ESA prize
Vincent DEVAUX, Jean-Paul CHAMOZZI & Michel MERLANGE (France) : Bubble Machines

ESO prize
Claudia BEZZINA & Charmaine Grima (Malta) : Simple Experiments

ESRF prize
Angela KOEHLER & Felix SCHECHTER (Germany) : Chemistry under the Pyramids

ILL prize
Gianluca FARUSI (Italy) : Looking for Antioxidant Food

EPS prize
Per KORNHALL (Sweden) : Teach Science in a Different Way
Closing Ceremony
The prize winners of the Science on Stage 1 festival in Geneva are:
1st prize (4000€)
Catherine Garcia-Maisonnier (France) - Building a Weather Balloon at School

2nd prize (3000€)
Wim Peeters (Belgium) - Physics is cool! The Box of Experiments

3rd prize (2000€)
Jerzy Jarosz & Aneta Szczygielska (Poland) - The Cardiovascular System

4th Prize (1000€)
Tobias Kirschbaum & Ulrich Janzen (Germany) - Tracing Earthquakes (Chinese Seismograph)

CERN prize
Maria Joao Carvalho & Maria das Mercês Matos (Portugal) - Lichen and Water Quality

EFDA prize
Eilish McLoughlin et al.(Ireland) - Teaching Science as a Process

EMBL prize
Evanthia Papanikolau (Greece) - DNA Helix

ESA prize
Agota Lang (Hungary) - Neurode (or Garfield the Lazy Cat)

ESRF prize
Gianluca Farusi (Italy) - Humanism and Science

ESO prize
Mandy Curtis (United Kingdom) - The Einstein Year Library Project

ILL prize
Nanna Kristensen (Denmark) - Jewellery is chemistry

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