Drops of Life

Drope of Life
Subject Environmental, physics
Level Upper secondary
Language English
Type Experiment

This project was developed by the IPSIA Institute in Legnano. From studying a Peltier cell, a thermoelectric component based on the characteristics of two semiconductor materials, Tellurio and Bismuto, we have created a prototype able to extract water from humidity in the air.

Our "hands-on" experimental study plan begins with the discovery of the physical phenomenon and results in the construction of the prototype. The step-by-step experimentation process gave way to desirable results, but sometimes also to disappointing results, given the mysteries of the laws of physics. As we ventured into the challenges of our research, we experienced the same intense emotions as do even the most celebrated scientists. The prototype is made up a wooden box, a circular glass window through which one can see how frost is produced, an aluminum condenser which is connected to the cold side of the cell, and a heat disperser. "Drops of life" can provide half a glass of water per night from a 16cm^2 cooling surface. After having created an original and functional device, we were very satisfactied. Our students expressed their ideas regarding the common aspects of the different scientific discoveries, their use to society and economic welfare. We would like to end with this message: "Better half a glass of water than a full glass of sand".
Contact details
NameFrancesco Lauricella
Last update: 17 July 2007

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