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National event27 October 2006, Oslo
On October 26, the national ‘Science on Stage’ delegates were announced at the Norwegian Science Conference. The Norwegian delegates are:
  • Trude Eftedal Høgstedt, Marikollen skole, will present an ecology project for secondary school pupils.
  • James Mitchell, St. Olav vgs, will present the project “Standing waves and resonance - two classroom physics demonstrations”.
  • Gro Wollebæk, Vevelstadåsen skole, will present the project “How to stimulate children’s curiosity through science and scientific methods”.
  • Nils Bernt Andersen og Glenn Tore Jensen, Samfundet skole, will present the project ”Juicy greens – a pupil enterprise”.
  • Frode Skjold, Ulsmåg skole, will present the project ”How to do research together with children” .
Norwegian delegation for Science on Stage 2
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