The Magic Castle

The Magic Castle
Subject Kinematics, Dynamics
Level Lower secondary
Language English
Type Experiments, games, team work

The project is part of our school's annual Interactive Science Exhibition. Last year we created an Amusemnet Park of Physics, where the visitors, being the high school students of the local areas, could have fun by using games which work thanks to very important hidden physical laws.

Since no Amusement Park is without a Magic Castle, my students turned some phenomena studied in the school year into magician's games. The students thought of using people's curiosity stimulated during the game, in order to explain the phenomena in a complete and scientifically correct way. The themes were: rotation dynamics, the Coriolis force, centre of mass and the conservation of energy. Different games have been realised to demonstrate such themes, for example: two cylinders moving with different inertial momentum, roll along an inclined plan at different speed. If the cylinders turn into two monsters who want to eat a girl, from which of the two monsters will she have to escape first? Or: during the target-shot to hit an apple wtih an arrow, why don't you wonder if there's a way to know the speed of the arrow as it hits the apple?
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NameBianca Fanti
Last update: 17 July 2007

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