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Patrick Parcella - CERN award winner at SOS2 for his project 'Particularities of chemistry teaching in Luxembourg'
The particularities of chemistry teaching in Luxembourg
Subject Chemistry
Level Upper secondary
Language German and French
Type Exercises, animations and books

Embedded between France, Germany and Belgium, Luxembourg has a strong culture for teaching foreign languages. The students are intensively taught French, German and English at school. Due to this intense learning of foreign languages, the curricula do not leave enough time for teaching Sciences.

Students in Luxembourg are taught Sciences only during 3.3 years at an average of 3 lessons a week. Compared to our neighbour countries, this is far not enough. Furthermore, our students are taught Sciences at an age of 16 to 19 years. This is too late, considering that the psychological age for discovering Sciences is at the age of about 12 years. We have decided to develop and publish our own Chemistry books, as the German, French or Belgian books do not fit to our programs and the age of our students. These books are accompanied by (N)TIC: interactive CD-ROM and DVDs. The interactive CD-ROMs contain additional exercises for training the stuff seen in class (i.e. chemical formulas, equations, stoechiometry). The DVDs contain film movies of the experiments presented in the books. So every student has the possibility to watch again the experiments at home and do some more training on the material he has to learn.  
Contact details
NamePatrick Pacella
Last update: 17 July 2007


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