Electrodynamic Levitation and Travelling Magnetic Wave

Electrodynamic levitation and travelling magnetic wave
Subject Electromagnetism, electrodynamics
Level Upper secondary
Language English
Type Experiment, exercise, lecture

This project consists of a device which shows the phenomena of the electrodynamic levitation of a magnet by a moving aluminum disc, and another device which shows the travelling magnetic wave produced by a linear motor coil . Also, there are two working models of different magnetic trains based on the above phenomena.

Electrodynamic levitation is based on eddy currents: when a magnet (or electromagnet) runs over an aluminum or any other non-ferromagnetic conductive plate, it creates a “mirror” magnet in the metal which repulses the moving magnet . In our device, a magnet balanced on scales is levitated by a rotating aluminum disc. The travelling magnetic wave is produced by a linear motor (LIM) which is like a common three-face inductive motor, cut and opened flat. Thus, it creates a travelling magnetic wave. In our devices, small magnets on flexible strips are moved by the traveling magnetic wave, thus forming its shape, and also propelling the magnet on wheels or an aluminium wagon. The above principles are applied in magnetic levitation high-speed trains such as Magplane andYamanashi (500-550 Km/h).
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NamePapalexi Fani
Last update: 17 July 2007

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