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Making a colorful book on the scales of the universe.
Micro-Macro Cosmos - Secret of Heaven
Subject Physics, Space and astronomy
Level Upper secondary
Language English
Type Background information

The universe is full of secrets. Outside the atmosphere of the Earth there is darkness, excluding the light of the stars and other objects. The distances between these objects are enormous and incomprehensibly large. We don’t know if our planet Earth is the only planet in the universe where life exists. Both possibilities are so confusing: No other planets with life or some planets with life.

We are going to start our trip to the micro-macro cosmos from the Earth. Step by step. The first step to the macro cosmos is the Solar system. The nest step after oour Solar system is our galaxy, the Milky Way which belongs to a local group of galaxies. Finally, this group is part of the Giant group. The first step to the micro cosmos is the human being. The next step are cells, molecules, atoms, nuclei of atoms and so on.
Contact details
NameIrma Hannula


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