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A sachet of mayonnaise in a bottle of water
The Bottle of Water with a Sachet of Mayonnaise
Subject Pressure
Level Upper secondary
Language English
Type Experiment, exercise, lecture

This hydrostatics project begins with an amusing experiment which has quite a difficult solution: a sachet of mayonnaise is made to float in a closed plastic bottle that is filled with water. The sachet descends when the bottle is squeezed, then when the grip on the bottle is released the sachet once again floats. When asking the students to try to explain this operation we head down a curious and fun path of knowledge where all the concepts of hydrostatics are met (through this experiment and other simple ones).  
Contact details
NameFrancesco Serafini
Last update: 17 July 2007

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A Bottle of Water with a Sachet of Mayonnaise PPT
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