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Plants from other worlds
Plants from Other Worlds - Other Worlds from Plants
Subject Biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, environmental, geography
Level Lower secondary
Language English
Type Lecture, experiements, project/team work

Plants are a common thread that develop not only in the direction of science but also explore other disciplines/ finding the scientific aspects in them.

If the main purpose is to contribute to the construction of a solid scientific culture, an indispensable means for conscious choice in the future, the develpoment of a solid knowledge of the world of plants, from the single species to the evolution of the local population to the internal control mechanism is not unimportant.

Some terms that are the foundation of scientific culture (the concept of time, biodiversity, the dynamics of the landscape) emerge from the research, together with those that make us to think again about the management of the resources of the planet (globalization, sustainable development).

The work is dictated not only by epistemological statute, but rather it oscillates between it and the methodological also offering young people an experimental dimension, which goes from exploring the territory to using microscopes, from new technologies to the examination of documents in foreign languages, to theatre.  
Contact details
NameMatilde Mundula
Last update: 17 July 2007


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