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Natural Antibiotics
Natural Antibiotics
Subject Chemistry
Level Upper secondary
Language English
Type Experiments

Antibiotics are one of the most commonly prescribed medicines in the world. But is it always necessary to cure diseases using synthetic chemical antibiotics? Antibiotics can cause a number of side reactions, such as the elimination of useful microbes, a weakening of immunity and growth of fungi in the body. I believe that people have to come back to natural substances.

The aims of this project were:

  1. To analyse if alternative medicine is popular in our school community.
  2. To analyse if pupils' experiences of various cold-type diseases depends on the way they are cured: using synthetic antibiotics or plant-derived drugs.
  3. To expand the horizons of members of the school community and to awaken their interest in natural powers.
The students developed natural remedies from plants and tested their effectiveness against fungi. They carried out experiments at home and learnt about the properties of various natural substances.  
Contact details
NameOnute Maziliauskien
Last update: 2 July 2007

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