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Handling the center of mass
Handling the Center of Mass
Subject Dynamics
Level Primary school, lower and upper secondary
Language English
Type Experiment, exercise, lecture

The physics and chemistry syllabus, as well as classroom activities, reinforce the role of experimental work. However it has become difficult to put it into practice due to the lack of materials and even the high cost of some equipment. This problem could be overcome in certain situations by the construction of some low cost didactic equipment made ofmaterials easily found at school and in our everyday life.

Thus, we will present some activities related to the concept of "Centre of Mass" which can be implemented at elementary, intermediate and advanced levels and are related to the contents taught.

The methodology used has involved the construction of some didactic devices, easily conceived, which will be attractive to the public in general and make interactivity possible.  
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NameLuis CarreiroInes Gaio
Last update: 17 July 2007


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