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Irish 'Teaching Ideas' booklets
Irish Teaching Ideas Booklet from POS2 and POS3
Subject Pressure, forces, density, heat, acoustics, electromagnetism and more
Level Upper secondary
Language English
Type Experiments, demonstrations, teaching ideas

The National Steering Committee for Physics on Stage 2 (POS2) and Physics on Stage 3 (POS3) has made every effort to ensure the good quality of the information presented in this publication. Teachers should ensure the safety of the demonstrations in their own laboratories. This is a voluntarily produced document that is intended as a support resource for teachers of physics and is not published for profit.

POS2 and POS3 gives permission to educational organisations to reproduce material from this book without prior notification provided it is for the purposes of education, is not for profit and suitable acknowledgement to POS2 and POS3 is given. POS2 and POS3 would be grateful to receive a copy of any other publication using material reproduced from this book.  
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NamePaul Nugent
Last update: 17 July 2007


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