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Physics and Magazines
Physics and Magazines
Subject Physics
Level Upper secondary
Language English
Type Lecture and project/team work

"Save electricity... use warm air in all the house... cook by induction cooking griddles... nanosomes... anti U.V. filters".

These are all advertising images, themes and languages borrowed from the scientific world by the non specialist press. Could we derive ideas from newspapers and magazines to realise a laboratory which will lead students from initial curiosity to further motivation during the weekly path of physics and mathematics? Could we take from the non specialist press daily experiences to demonstrate the links and achieve a closer examination in the field of physics and mathematics to rouse a reasonable study of the textbook? A seven step path in the scientific laboratory will lead the students through preparatory tests and work sessions according to the methodology of cooperative learning. They can achieve critical competences in reading and analysing a text or an image in the scientific field, up to level 7of reading and understanding a simple article or a scientific one. Written and oral tests, the production of educational literature worked out by the students, translation of the work produced into English, will allow a gradual monitoring and assessment of the results in terms of contents, teaching methods and acquisition of specialist language.  
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NameRosa Fiore
Last update: 17 July 2007


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