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The Shadow of the Flame
The Shadow of the Flame and other Hands-on Experiments with a Candle
Subject Chemistry, Biology and Physics
Level Upper secondary
Language English
Type Experiments

A collection of experiments on the candle taken from the book «The Chemical History of a Candle» by Faraday, and based on early work by Leonardo Da Vinci:
  1. A candle: its flame and its cup
  2. Why are the edges much cooler than the part within?
  3. The wick and the capillarity
  4. The dark «shadow» of the bright flame, how to see the ascending current of
  5. Hot air using the sun or an overhead projector light: comparison between Fadaray’s and
  6. Leonardo’s description.
  7. The flame is hollow.
  8. Three flame effects: water production up, soot in the middle; and wax vapour down. Carbon dioxide progressively puts out three candle flames
  9. How to take soot from a candle with a “caress” and with the trick of the cork? Soot moustaches.
  10. The candle catches fire again. Mechanical and magnetic action on a candle. Analogy between respiration of livings and the flame of a candle.
Contact details
NamePietro Cerreta
Last update: 2 July 2007

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