The ALC/ECSL virtual network / mini-site
The virtual network for space law and policy arises out of the importance that ECSL has attached to the existing space infrastructure and evolving technologies for promoting, enhancing, improving and coordinating knowledge of space law & policy at worldwide taking into account the needs of developing countries.

Development of the virtual network’ is currently in “experimental” phase. The starting point will focus on Latin American & Caribbean countries in response to a historic, fruitful relationship with ECSL and as a tribute to their positive reaction and goodwill in previous cooperative activities.
Three concepts: ECSL legal site – Virtual network on space law & policy -“mini-site”
ECSL users already have at their disposal a legal site set up in 2003 which contains information about ECSL activities and space law: ECSL Legal Site www.esa.int/SPECIALS/ecsl It mainly consist of links that ECSL has grouped by following specific criteria.

The “mini-site” will actually be part of the ECSL legal site, which is the reason for its name. The final result of the full “virtual network” project could be compared to a large jigsaw puzzle made up of several pieces with their integrity and autonomy, but forming a complex whole and unable to stand alone.

The mini-site is a way of coordinating a space community by making use of new information techniques. It is a user-friendly system designed for a multidisciplinary community with varying levels of resources and knowledge. The user should not need any specific session or a detailed manual; it is enough to have very basic knowledge of the Internet. It is completely free of charge (using existing capabilities offered by satellite network coverage) with no user restrictions. This is the outcome of joint determination and the result of teamwork
Last update: 5 May 2006