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International Standards for Medical Technologies
International Standards for Medical Technologies
World Standards Cooperation High Level Workshop, 26-27 February 2004, Geneva, Switzerland
18 March 2004
The high-level workshop on International Standards for Medical Technologies, Geneva, 26-27 February 2004, is a forum where high-level representatives of the major players involved in this field (industry, regulators, the patient care community and standards developing organizations from all regions of the world) review the present situation and highlight the main trends in the sector, providing input on priorities, programmes and approaches for the development of standards and conformity assessment frameworks that respond optimally to market and society needs.
Participation of TM-Alliance
ITU was invited to provide two presentations by Mr. Pierre-Andre Probst, Chairman, ITU-T SG-16 Multimedia Systems and by Mr. Petko Kantchev, Former ITU Telemedicine Coordinator from the Telecommunications Development Bureau, and Member of the TMA Project.  
The Workshop was developed as an opportunity to promote the ISO standardization achievements and methods of work in the medical devices health domains. In spite of the fact, that the Programme was designed not to focus on e-health standardization, this presentation was delivered with passion and argumentation, and the e-health standardization perspective was well received by the audience.
Challenge for TMA next phase: TMA-Bridge
It was an excellent opportunity to promote indirectly the TMA Project and its key objectives and achievements. It has become evident that much more work should be done to attract the interest for collaboration of Medical Devices Standardization Organizations within the e-health standardization work for personalized citizen centred health care service. This will be a challenge for the TMA Bridge project as well, but the main requirements will be surely addressed to WHO, ITU and other standard development organizations. It has been convened informally that Mr. Houlin Zhao, Director of TSB of ITU would meet Mr. Alan Bryden, Secretary-General of ISO and discuss the interoperability standardization coordination matters in e-Health at their level. Similar action would be undertaken towards other standard setting organizations or entities.
Standards for free
At the Workshop the DICOM has announced that within couple of months they will release their standards for free, which falls well within the eHSCG scope and plan of work. It has been noted that the audience was not yet ready to accept the standardization of e-health applications as a key priority, hence the need for continuing targeted promotion of the interoperability standardization for e-Health and such dimension will match the TMA Bridge Project future actions.

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