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Slide on ITU Workshop in eHealth
ITU workshop on standardisation in eHealth
12 May 2003
Standardisation in eHealth has long been sought, as it is a key element in support of telemedicine activities. To date, however, the high level of interoperability desired has not been achieved.
The International Telecommuncation Union (ITU) is organising a workshop in Geneva, from 23 to 25 May, on standardisation in eHealth, together with the participation of ISO, IEC and other standardisation authorities. The aim is to identify the key issues in support of improved standardisation in eHealth and to identify a possible role for ITU in promoting such standards.

The development of advanced digital and telecommunications techniques has enabled the development of very sophisticated equipment for use in the medical area and to the distribution of learning. Unfortunately, most solutions have been developed on a proprietary or ad hoc basis, posing challenges to institutions working in the medical area willing to integrate their infrastructure and procedures, as well as to the sharing of resources with other institutions.

This includes the sharing of resources and data among institutions in developed countries and also supporting the provision of medical services and education in remote locations in, for instance developing countries and in disaster areas. Shared databases can reduce costs and increase efficiency, and also enable the early detection of epidemics and even bio-attacks.  
Workshop objectives
The specific objectives for the workshop are:

  • to bring together key players in eHealth standardisation and interoperability
  • to define a framework for standardisation
  • to identify areas of possible coordination and cooperation
  • to prepare a standardisation work plan, identifying possible ITU-T and ITU-D roles

Participation of TM Alliance
Members of the TM Alliance will be participating in the workshop where a presentation will be made describing the key role of the TM Alliance in facilitating eHealth interoperability in Europe.

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