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Visit of NATO/TANTRC representativeprinter friendly page
Visit of NATO/TATRC representative
3 November 2004

A recent visit of a NATO/TATRC representative at ESTEC (ESA) 25th-26th October 2004 provided a good opportunity for laying the groundwork of future collaboration between these organisations.
Special guest at ESTEC

Following several meetings where ESA & the TM Alliance participated in NATO Working Groups, such as the NATO Telemedicine Panel, it was clear to all parties that an exchange of information between the TM-Alliance, the NATO medical working groups and TATRC would be mutually beneficial.

During this 2-day meeting, an overall summary of ESA Telemedicine associated activities was presented to NATO/TATRC special guest, Dr. David Lam, representing the U.S. Army Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC). The presentation covered a wide domain of activities including satellite applications, Human Spaceflight applications and eHealth strategy (activities of the TM-Alliance). Dr. Lam also presented the relevant activities of TATRC and NATO.

Main objective of the meeting

The purpose of the meeting was multifaceted:

  • To disseminate ESA Telemedicine activities and create a new avenue of communications and information exchange

  • To collect useful information on cutting-edge technologies and the newest innovations in the domain of Telemedicine

  • To identify common areas of interest for possible future collaboration

  • Areas of mutual interest and eventual collaborations

    There was interest on the part of Dr. Lam for cooperation with ESA and vice-versa. Some projects were specifically identified, such as Echography and it associated robotics control for tele-operations, Teresa. He was particularly interested in the next phase of an intelligent autonomic driver for Teresa. He also showed great interest in entering into a cooperative relationship with the Telemedicine Alliance (TMA).

    At the end of the meeting, various possibilities and vehicles for working together were discussed: It was agreed that future meetings should take place between both ESA and TATRC) representatives where further discussion on some of the identified areas of mutual interest could lead to concrete the initiation of concrete collaborative projects.  


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