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Electronic Health Records for Europeprinter friendly page
Electronic Health Records for Europe
30 March 2005
The EUROREC 20004 conference took place on Friday 26th November 2004 in Brussels, under the auspices of the European Institute for Health Records and the IST programme of the European Commission.

Implementing Guidelines, Quality Labelling and Certification for Electronic Health Records
This was the slogan of the 4th EUROREC conference since 2001. This event offered a unique opportunity for Member States to network and interact with more than 200 stakeholders.
The conference was a useful venue to disseminate the Electronic Health Records (EHR) models in some European countries, as well as from the industrial and academic perspectives. Discussions in relation to adequate standards for EHR were of extreme relevance for the implementation of eHealth interoperability on a European scale.


The EUROREC Institute is a non-profit, independent organisation, promoting the use of high-quality Electronic Health Records in Europe. EUROREC's mission is to promote the adoption and extended use of Standardised Electronic Health Care Records. The European Institute for Health Records represents a permanent network of National Centres and provides quality and affordable added value services to the European market, Healthcare providers, Governments and Patients.

Parallel conference and workshop

A Satellite Conference on "Ontology and semantic interoperability of systems sharing bio-medical information" was also organised at the Belgian Health Ministry the day before the EUROREC 2004 Conference.
Moreover, a one-day workshop on Electronic Health Records organised via the EU 6th Framework Semantic Mining project, in collaboration with EUROREC, was held on November 27, 2004 in Brussels.

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