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About the Space Weather Coordination Centre

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ESA’s SSA Space Weather Coordination Centre (SSCC) is operated by a Belgian consortium on behalf of the Agency’s SSA Programme Office. The SSCC has the responsibility for overall coordination of the space weather asset network in partnership with several Expert Service Centres, the maintenance of the associated ESA applications and monitoring of the system.

The day-to-day monitoring and first-level support to the users of the SSA space weather system is performed by an operations team located in Brussels at the Space Pole.

About SSA

ESA’s SSA Programme was authorised at the November 2008 Ministerial Council and formally launched on 1 January 2009. The mandate was extended at the 2012 Ministerial Council until 2019, and the programme is funded through to 2016.

SSA aims to support Europe's independent utilisation of, and access to, space through the provision of timely and accurate information and data regarding the space environment, and particularly regarding hazards to infrastructure in orbit and on the ground.

In general, these hazards stem from possible collisions between objects in orbit, harmful space weather and potential strikes by natural objects, such as asteroids, that cross Earth’s orbit.

To undertake these activities, the programme is federating existing assets and capabilities from ESA, European and international partners into a set of unified SSA capabilities in the areas of space weather, near-Earth objects and space debris surveillance.

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Further information on the space weather activities of ESA’s SSA Programme:

Juha-Pekka Luntama
Head, SSA Space Weather activities
Tel: +34 91 81 31 507

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