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Astronaut exhibition in Toulouse

20/10/2016 1294 views 17 likes
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The Cité de l’espace in Toulouse, France, is inviting young and old to learn about daily life on the International Space Station. 

In this exhibition, astronauts take visitors through a mission in space. With astronauts sharing their experiences on social media nowadays, this new exhibition sets out to place the public in as close contact as possible with them.

Visitors can witness how strange daily life in space is through as astronauts talk about their work.

In weightlessness, every aspect of daily life has to be reinvented and learned all over again. Astronauts have many tasks during their missions and they must adapt quickly to their new environment.

After a presentation on astronaut training, realistic sets replicate how it is to hover 400 km above Earth before entering a replica space station.

Discover astronauts’ surprising conditions as they work and live in their home and laboratory. Everything is new: washing, eating, working, relaxing — and the Sun rises and sets 16 times a day.

The public can also enjoy the breathtaking views usually reserved for astronauts on the Space Station. Watch Earth spinning below at 8 km/s – the equivalent of travelling from Paris to Toulouse in 75 seconds.

For more information and how to get there visit

The ‘Astronautes’ exhibition was designed and produced by Cité de l’espace with ESA, France’s CNES space agency, Russia’s Roscosmos, NASA, Novespace, Cadmos, Medes, Airbus Defence & Space, Flight Watching and Argotec.

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