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Roberto Vittori's mission to the ISS

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Messages to Vittori in the ISS via Wind (Italian) »»»
Watch video highlights of the Marco Polo mission more »»»
ESA astronaut returns to Earth after Space Station 'taxi' flight
5 May 2002 ESA PR 32-2002. The Marco Polo crew safely descended to Earth in a Soyuz capsule, ending a 10-day mission with a textbook landing on the plains Kazakhstan at 10h55 local time (04:55 GMT). more »»»
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» Launch day: Thursday 25 April 2002
» Ready to go
» Pre-launch photo report
Baikonur: Steppe into Space
1 May 2002 When ESA’s Robert Vittori and his crewmates launched from Baikonur on their April Marco Polo Soyuz taxi mission, they were setting out on a job that has only been possible since the ISS became operational in November 2000. But they were following in some very illustrious footsteps – sometimes quite literally. more »»»
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» Marco Polo makes orbit
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Roberto's training diary
Diary # 2: Interview with Roberto
16 April 2002 ESA astronaut Roberto Vittori will launch as part of the Marco Polo mission crew from Baikonur on 25 April. We spoke to him at Star City, just outside Moscow, shortly before he and his crewmates flew to Baikonur for the final check-outs and the launch itself... more »»»
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» Chat with Vittori (11 April) - transcript
About Roberto Vittori
Italy's astronaut prepares
2 February 2002 April's scheduled Soyuz launch - a 'taxi flight' to the International Space Station - will carry with it a European astronaut on his maiden voyage into orbit. For Italian Roberto Vittori, the launch will mark a literal high point in his career so far. And although has never been in space before, he will be bringing a wealth of flying experience to the mission. more »»»
» Biography Roberto Vittori
About the 'Marco Polo' mission
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