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The ISS Business Club (IBC) is ESA's industry club for industry-driven utilisation of the International Space Station (ISS). Membership in the past has been limited to those who have already contributed to the development of the International Space Station either as systems integrators or suppliers as well as to companies interested in technology innovation.

Early 2008 will see the start of the 'new' IBC, which will be an open forum for informing and acquiring potential industrial users of the ISS with its principle role being to promote the use of the ISS with specific focus on 'industry-driven R&D utilisation'.

No membership fee will be charged and membership, which will be on a much broader basis, will be open to the following companies and entities:

  • Those that were members of the original IBC


  • Those who have already used ISS or other platforms for application-oriented or commercial R&D or for technology demonstration, which could include industries involved in MAP projects.


  • Those that are interested in becoming future ISS users or benefiting from technology transfer from ISS


  • Those that are interested in promoting and stimulating industry-driven R&D and technology transfer demonstration on the ISS

Amongst the services that the IBC will provide are the following:

  • Distribution of information/invitations with regard to events organised by ESA, its Commercial Agents or other entities.


  • Web pages dedicated to the IBC inside the ESA web portal, which will contain success stories and other relevant information relating to 'industry-driven utilisation' of the ISS and related technology transfer.


  • Thematic forums/workshops, visits to ESA sites, which will be held on a demand basis.

Further information will be provided shortly.