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Latvia – Top priority: Innovation

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The next destination in the ESA’s information campaign on the SURE Project was Latvia, on 7 February. The information meeting was hosted by the Ministry of Economics in Riga, and chaired by Astrida Burka, Director of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Industry at Latvian Ministry of Economics and National Contact Point of Latvia for the 6th Framework Programme of the European Commission.

While addressing the audience, composed of representatives of the research, industry and governmental sector, Astrida Burka emphasised that the development of innovative activities is a top priority in Latvia. In line with the declaration of the Lisbon Agenda process, Latvian economic policy focuses on innovation, new products and Research and Development: space, with its rapidly developing technologies and commercial applications represents one of the most innovative sectors, and a great opportunity for national scientists and companies.

Latvia Ministry of Economics
Latvia Ministry of Economics

Although Latvia is not member of the European Space Agency, representatives from the Latvian research sector as well as the industrial sector have already participated in several joint activities with the European Space Agency. The new SURE Project, offering the chance to Latvian scientists and Small Medium Enterprises to access the unique research environment of the International Space Station, represents a special opportunity to facilitate the involvement of national institutions and industries in activities related to development of space technologies and to develop closer relationships with ESA.

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