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Negotiating the agreement

Once a Commercial Proposal is accepted, contractual negotiations between ESA and the customer will start.

Negotiations typically focus on issues such as Intellectual Property Rights and Marketing Rights, or on the form of reimbursement to ESA in case the project requires Promotion Support.

The actual duration of the negotiations can vary in relation to the complexity of the project and the solidity of the Commercial Proposal.

Contract signature and project implementation

After the successful conclusion of the negotiations the commercial contract will be signed. This specifies the allocation of the facilities, resources, and services required by the project.

ESA's Business Development Office, together with its network of Commercial Agents will assist the customer with advice and guidance in any step of the project implementation, including hardware qualification and acceptance, payload integration and astronaut training.

The duration of the implementation phase depends on the complexity of the project and particularly on the number of pre-flight, on-flight and post-flight activities.