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Upon receipt of a proposal, ESA's Business Development Office will verify whether this meets the formal requirements of completeness.

If the proposal meets the requirements, this will be registered and stored securely, and a Commercial Evaluation Team meeting will be called.


Commercial Evaluation Team meeting

ESA personnel and external experts will evaluate the proposal following a formal evaluation procedure and against three main criteria: technical feasibility, ethical acceptability and financial viability of the project. In particular, projects requiring Promotion Support from ESA will be assessed on the basis of the Business Plan.

Confidentiality is guaranteed at all stages of the process: only persons who have signed binding non-disclosure agreements or equivalent legal documents will have the possibility to read and discuss the Commercial Proposal.

Customers will be notified by ESA at the end of the evaluation process; at this stage ESA may request further clarifications or additional information, and may ask customers to provide an update of the Proposal.