The combined SURE team in Warsaw, Poland
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SURE at Polish technologies seminar in Warsaw

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The SURE information meeting, hosted by Polspace Ltd, the operational arm of the Polish Space Research Institute (SRC), was held in the frame of the ESA seminar 'Polish Technologies in the European Space Programme'.

The SURE event, which was attended by 30 Polish scientists and representatives of SMEs, triggered a lot of interest and a lively discussion amongst the audience.

The SRC is not a novice in space research. Part of Polish Academy of Sciences, the SRC can not only look back on more than 20 years experience in the space sector, but also on a wide variety of fields of activities in space research: the SRC covers space research disciplines as various as space and solar physics, space technology, celestial mechanics and remote sensing. The majority of their projects were and are realised as a result of a vast network of international cooperation partners.

SURE on the road host in Poland - Polspace
SURE on the road host in Poland - Polspace

In the last 20 years, the Polish Space Research Institute developed, constructed and prepared more than 40 instruments for sub-orbital flight and satellite missions for launch. Moreover, the SRC contributed to the successful ESA Cassini/ Huygens mission to Titan by developing and supplying a thermal sensor onboard the Huygens probe. In addition, the SRC participates with several experiments on ESA’s Rosetta mission.

“We are happy that the Small and Medium Enterprises and scientists in Poland embraced the opportunity that SURE offers them to carry out research on the International Space Station,” says Maurizio Belingheri, Head of ESA’s Commercialisation Division. “I’m sure this opportunity can contribute to fostering innovative research for Polish companies and scientists alike.”

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