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SURE on the road

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To promote the SURE project, the European Space Agency will go on an information tour through seven of the new EU member states plus Romania and Bulgaria.

ESA’s scientific coordinators and business developers joined forces to promote the SURE initiative (International Space Station: a unique research infrastructure) ever since it was selected by the European Commission within the 6th Framework Programme. The assignment, worth two million Euro, was announced on 18 November 2005.

The SURE project’s special focus lies on giving priority funding to small and medium enterprises and scientists from the new EU member states plus Bulgaria and Romania to access the unique research environment of the International Space Station.

The campaign will take place at Prague, Sofia, Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn, Warsaw, Ljubljana, Budapest and Bucharest, where workshops and information events will be held for small and medium enterprises and the scientific community in cooperation with the respective national space agencies or institutions.

In the series "On the road", we will report on each event on this website, keeping you updated about the SURE promotion through nine European capitals. The first destination is Prague on 31 January.

For additional information on the SURE project, please go to:

SURE promotion campaign timetable

Country Date Updates
Prague, Czech Republic 31/1 Successful SURE kick-off in Prague
Sofia, Bulgaria 1/2 ESA's debut visit to Bulgaria
Vilnius, Lithuania 6/2 Lithuania – Proficiency in space programmes
Riga, Latvia 7/2 Latvia – Top priority: Innovation
Tallinn, Estonia 8/2 Estonia: Long tradition in astrophysics research
Warsaw, Poland 9/2 SURE at Polish technologies seminar in Warsaw
Ljubljana, Slovenia 10/2 SURE at the National Institute of Chemistry in Slovenia
Budapest, Hungary 14/2 Focus on innovations
Bucharest, Romania 16/2 Romanian cosmonaut's 25th space anniversary

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