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Space Medicine Meeting 2004

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From 26-27 May, ESA will participate in the Space Medicine Meeting 2004 in Brussels, Belgium. Topics include biomedicine, aerospace medicine, biotechnology, international cooperation and the commercialisation of space research. The seminar is dedicated to Yuri Gagarin's 70th anniversary.

Organised by the Institute for Biomedical Problems (IBMP) from Moscow, the two-day seminar will focus on the biomedical aspects of interplanetary manned missions and on the contribution of aerospace medicine to the medicine of emergency situations and public health care.

Presentations will also address the topic of international cooperation in future human space flight activities, and will illustrate the large scale of opportunities that ESA offers to biomedical companies in the field of industrial space research.

The event will take place in the Russian Cultural Centre, Rue de Meridien 19-21, Brussels, Belgium.

For more information and to register for the seminar please visit: