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Successful SURE kick-off in Prague

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The ESA SURE information campaign started off with a successful debut event in Prague, Czech Republic, on 31 January. More than 60 participants, researchers and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) professionals, attended the full-day workshop, which was hosted by the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade and was organised by ESA together with Czechtrade Rotterdam.

The high level of importance of the workshop for the industry and scientific community of the Czech Republic was reflected by the speaker line-up: Martin Tlapa, Czech republic’s Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, and Jan Kolář, director of the Czech Space Office who both addressed the audience.

Czechtrade Rotterdam
Czechtrade Rotterdam

The workshop was well received by the participating Czech scientists, SMEs and the officials and triggered a high media interest: a number of interviews with ESA representatives were requested by Czech business press and European publications.

In addition, the SURE workshop was the subject of two TV broadcasts, one of which was a live transmission interview with Maurizio Belingheri, Head of ESA’s Commercialisation Division, with the Czech News Channel about the opportunities the SURE initiative offers to Czech SMEs.

Jan Kolář, Director of the Czech Space Office
Jan Kolář, Director of the Czech Space Office

“I am very proud that Czechtrade Rotterdam was asked by ESA to organise this seminar in Prague”, says Hanka van der Mark, Manager of the Foreign Office Department of Czechtrade Rotterdam. “It is our pleasure to inform Czech companies about this very interesting opportunity to perform industrial research on board the International Space Station.”

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