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Crew restraint concept - isometric views
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Crew restraint
The experiment is aimed at testing new crew-restraint equipment, which uses astronaut’s knees to hold them in position during operational activities. Almost all current restraint devices use the feet to restrain the body. Experts generally believe that this unnaturally overloads the smaller muscle groups of the feet. Restraining the crewmember at knee level reduces the forces needed since the knees are closer to the centre of gravity of the astronaut and larger muscle groups are relied upon to a greater extent. Coordinator: P. Mitschdoerfer (ESA).


3D photo camera
3D photo camera

3D camera
The 3D pictures that will be obtained with this camera will provide illustrative aids for future technical mission aspects and astronaut training. For example, 3D pictures will help improve ISS simulators. Coordinator: D. Isakeit (ESA).