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Daily activities STS-122

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This is a summary of the daily activities during the Shuttle phase of the mission. ESA astronauts Léopold Eyharts and Hans Schlegel also undertook experiments as part of the Columbus mission though these are not shown in the timeline below.

Flight Day 1 - Launch

  • Launch
  • Configure Shuttle for on-orbit activities
  • Checkout of Shuttle robotic arm
  • Switch on Columbus laboratory 'Launch-to-Activation' heaters


Flight Day 2

  • Shuttle heat shield check using robotic arm and robotic arm extension
  • Spacewalk preparations including EVA suit checks
  • International Space Station rendezvous preparations


Flight Day 3 - Docking

  • Rendezvous and docking including Shuttle backflip manoeuvre
  • Preparations for first spacewalk
  • Unberth robotic arm extension to provide clearance for unberthing Columbus during first spacewalk


Flight Day 4 – Spacewalk preparation

  • OBSS focused inspection of Atlantis' OMS pod blanket begins
  • Spacewalk #1 crew procedure review continues
  • EVA astronauts 'campout' in Quest Airlock to help remove nitrogen from bloodstreams


Flight Day 5 – First spacewalk

  • Attach Power and Data Grapple Fixture to Columbus; Prepare and unberth Columbus from Shuttle cargo bay; Prepare P1 truss Nirogen Tank Assembly for removal.
  • Attach Columbus to Node 2 with Station robotic arm.
  • Check out Node 2 docking mechanism for Columbus.


Flight Day 6

  • Columbus commissioning - Connect utility cabling (power, data etc.) and ventilation ducting between Node 2 and Columbus; Replace launch to attachment pressure valves with on-orbit air distribution valves.
  • Leak check on Columbus.
  • Hatch open and Columbus ingress.
  • Shuttle heat shield check
  • EVA 2 preparations.
  • EVA astronauts 'campout' in Quest Airlock to help remove nitrogen from bloodstreams.


Flight Day 7 – Spacewalk 2

  • Remove and replace failed Nitrogen Tank Assembly on P1 truss section with new Nitrogen Tank Assembly in Shuttle cargo bay.
  • Columbus commissioning – Additional audio, data connections; Install panelling in vestibule (between Node 2 and Columbus hatches); Install handrails and foot restraints; Install portable workstation and video cameras; Relocate European Physiology Modules facility from launch to on-orbit location and attach cabling.


Flight Day 8

  • Columbus commissioning – Install interfaces for racks; Connect nitrogen lines from Node 2 to Columbus; Relocate European Drawer Rack from launch location to on-orbit location.
  • Spacewalk 3 preparations.
  • Spacewalk astronauts 'campout' in Quest Airlock to help remove nitrogen from bloodstreams.
  • Crew off-duty time.


Flight Day 9 – Spacewalk 3

  • Install SOLAR and EuTEF on Columbus External Payload facility from Shuttle cargo bay; Install failed Control Moment Gyroscope from External Stowage Platform 2 to Shuttle cargo bay for return to Earth.
  • Columbus commissioning - Relocate Biolab from launch to on-orbit location; Install items in Biolab (power switches, DC converter); Remove launch locks from different Biolab assemblies; Install items on European Drawer Rack (smoke detector, partitions and air ducting).


Flight Day 10 - Columbus commissioning

  • Columbus commissioning – Remove launch lock from Biolab Glovebox; Outfit Biolab; Biolab power data and cooling lines mated; Power data and cooling lines connected on European Drawer Rack; Water and data connections from European Drawer Rack to protein Crystallisation Diagnostics Facility; European Physiology Modules checkout procedures.
  • Station reboost.
  • Transfer operations between Interntional Space Station and Shuttle.
  • Columbus vestibule leak check.


Flight Day 11 – Undocking

  • Crew farewells, Shuttle crew into orbiter and close hatches.
  • Orbiter Docking System leak check.


Flight Day 12

  • Undocking
  • Station flyaround
  • Shuttle heat shield survey


Flight Day 13 - Landing

  • Landing preparations


Flight Day 14 - Landing

  • Landing preparations
  • Deorbit
  • Landing