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Couture in Orbit: technical and fabric sponsors

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ESA is in partnership with top European fashion schools to harness next-generation technology and explore the future of fashion. The Couture in Orbit project is bringing space back to Earth through designs from some of Europe’s brightest fashion minds – tasked to develop desirable andpractical clothing, incorporating technology to make life better. 

The project incorporates new approaches to wearable technology and fashion thanks to technical sponsors from Europe. In addition, fabric sponsors are contributing materials and knowhow.

Technical sponsors:

JOHAN Sports, Netherlands – Develops tracking systems for field sports and is testing its technology with several professional football, hockey and rugby teams in the Netherlands and Germany.

LEAP technology, Denmark – Specialises in the development and integration of soft ‘rubber-like’ sensors and actuators.

Xsens, Netherlands – A leader in 3D-motion-tracking technology and products, with sensor-fusion technologies enabling seamless interaction between the physical and the digital world, used in both in consumer devices and professional applications.

Technical Absorbents Limited, UK – Absorbent material used in a wide range of applications from advanced wound care dressings and non-woven filtration media, to agrotextiles and fabrics for performance apparel.

eXtreme Material, Italy – Textile-processing  technology such as conductive-ink printing and troubleshooting new textiles based on 35 years’ experience with high-tech metal alloys.

iNanoEnergy, Portugal – Develops custom-made flexible generators that convert energy into electricity. Heat and movement harvested from bodies can charge sensors and – eventually – smartphones

Fabric sponsors:

Bionic Yarn, USA – This start-up manufactures fabric from recycled plastic waste gathered from ocean shorelines in the developing world, supplying to high-end partners including G-Star Raw.

Sympatex, Germany – Produces breathable, wicking waterproof fabrics that – unlike comparable materials – are highly durable and washable as well as 100% recyclable.

37.5, USA – Named for the optimal human body core temperature (in celsius) and the optimal humidity level (by %), this company uses active particle technology to maintain a desirable microclimate next to the wearer’s skin.

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