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We now have the capability to leave planet Earth. However, if man is to live in space and travel to other planets, we must learn how to survive out there for longer periods of time. Exploration DVD series provides interesting insights into nutrition and environment here on Earth and in space. The videos show why we need food in the first place and what it represents in our culture and daily living, and how we can recreate in space the vital ingredients for life on Earth.

Ingredients for Life: On Earth and in Space

On the International Space Station many of the Earth’s environmental support systems have already been engineered. Examining how some of these key technologies work, allows us to understand the vital ingredients that make Earth such an ideal place to live.

In the video we explore how ESA is dealing with these scientific and technological challenges, and we answer questions like: Why do we need water and oxygen? How do astronauts get the oxygen they need to survive in space?

Feeding our future – nutrition on Earth and in space

A new ESA educational video Feeding our Future – Nutrition on Earth and in Space examines food as a vital part of life on Earth and in space. It shows why we need food in the first place and what it represents in our culture and daily living.

The video illustrates how our bodies process food as a source of energy and building materials: what it importance of good nutrition for a healthy life and what can happen without it, whether here on Earth or in space? It looks at research for preserving and growing food for long flights, as well as valuable technology for future food supplies on Earth, where climate change and population growth are global challenges. New techniques developed for space missions can help to feed hungry people on our planet.

Download, see online and ask for a copy

Both videos, hosted by ESA life scientist Nicole Sentse, are online and can be seen clicking the following links:

Teachers from one of ESA's Member State countries* can also order a free copy of the DVD by completing the order form at

(* ESA Member States are Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.)

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