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ISS Education Kit - lower secondary level

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In 2001 we organised 'Teach Space 2001', our first International Space Station Education Conference, providing an opportunity for teachers to exchange practical ideas on the theme of space. The recommendations of the conference led to the production of a pilot ISS Education Kit for use by teachers of pupils aged 12-15 years old (International Standard Classification for Education – ISCED - level 2).

Teachers from all over Europe used the pilot kit in the classroom, and feedback on how it worked in practice led us to alter and improve the kit. 40 000 copies were printed in no fewer than 11 languages and have been distributed to interested teachers in all ESA Member States.


Five chapters explain various aspects of the International Space Station, including what it is, how it is being built, living and working on board, and what future voyages will be like.

There are not only text and explanations about the International Space Station, but related inter-disciplinary exercises, a teacher's guide, a glossary and colour overhead transparencies.

Modules can be taught in the classroom, used to facilitate group exercises, given as homework, or copied and distributed to each pupil.

Order your copy

If you are a teacher at a school in one of the 17 ESA Member States, and you teach pupils aged 12-15, you can receive a copy of the kit. Follow the link below to order your free copy.


IMPORTANT - read carefully before ordering:


  • Only education professionals are entitled to receive the kit
  • Following an ESA mandate, we are only allowed to distribute our material for free throughout the 17 ESA Member States. Unfortunately we cannot distribute our material to schools or other educational institutes in other countries. Please bear in mind that invalid requests will be filtered out.
  • Please complete in ENGLISH all fields such as profession and subjects taught.
  • You only need to click on the submit button once...

The ISS Education Kit is available in the following languages: Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish. N.B. The Spanish version is no longer available - you can order a different language or download the Spanish pdf files.

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Download a copy

The ISS Education Kit is also available as a download in pdf format, click here for the downloads page »»

ISS Education Kit on the Web

The secondary level ISS Education Kit is now also available as an online interactive tool, with multimedia features and interactive exercises. Click here to launch the ISS Education Kit on the Web

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