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Primary level activities

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These are our activities targeting primary level students, aged 8-12 years old:

  • ARISS radio contact
    For primary school pupils we are initiating and managing radio contacts with European astronauts during missions to the International Space Station.

    For Pedro Duque's flight in October 2003 we started our first programme called 'Habla ISS' in Spanish. For André Kuipers flight we used our experience to develop 'Zeg het ISS' for Dutch and Flemish schoolchildren.

    Children at primary schools in Germany are currently being invited to take part in the 'ich will's wISSen' contest - the winners will be invited to an ARISS event where they will talk to Thomas Reiter on board the Internationl Space Station.

    More about Habla ISS
    Habla ISS web site (in Spanish)

    More about Zeg het ISS
    Zeg het ISS web site (in Dutch)

    More about ich will's wISSen
    ich will's wISSen web site (in German)

    A more extensive programme is currently in development in English for use in all ESA Member States.


  • ISS Primary Education Kit
    An ISS Primary Education Kit for use in the classroom with 8-10 year old pupils. This product is currently available in English, Dutch and German. Other ESA Member State languages will become available in the near future.

    More about ISS Primary Education Kit