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SUCCESS 1999 experiment during a parabolic flight
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SUCCESS 2002 - an opportunity for students

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SUCCESS 2002 is a competition that offers European students the prize of a one-year internship with the European Space Agency, and the chance to see their experiment fly on board the International Space Station (ISS).

The competition winner will receive a one-year internship at ESA’s research and technology centre, ESTEC, in Noordwijk, the Netherlands. During the internship the winner will work on the experiment, test it on a parabolic flight or maybe even fly it to the ISS. Runner-up prizes include a laptop computer and a trip to Europe’s spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana.

Participants need to register via the SUCCESS 2002 web page before 2 September 2002.

A chance to fly an experiment on the ISS
A chance to fly an experiment on the ISS

Once registered, an essay of not more than 800 words must be submitted online no later than 6 September 2002. The essay should provide an outline of the proposed experiment. The best essays will be selected for the second phase of the contest.

During the second phase contestants will be required to write a detailed experiment proposal of not more than ten A4 pages. The deadline for these proposals is 15 November 2002. The writers of the best proposals will be invited to an award ceremony early in 2003 where the winners will be announced.

Please visit the SUCCESS 2002 web page for more information.

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