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Space station Utilisation Contest Calls for European Student initiativeS

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SUCCESS was a competition for European university students from all disciplines to propose an experiment that could fly on board the International Space Station (ISS).

The goal of the competition was to make today's students the International Space Station users of tomorrow. The first prize of the competition was a one-year internship at ESA's space research and technology centre, ESTEC, in the Netherlands.

For current educational programmes, please consult ESA's Human Spaceflight and Operations Education pages.

Research areas

The competition is certainly not only for space engineering or astronomy students. A lot of research is being conducted in other fields, such as:

  • Life sciences
  • Physical sciences
  • Space sciences
  • Technology
  • Earth observation

Note that SUCCESS also encourages proposals from your field of interest, which could be a different discipline to the 'traditional' ones that are mentioned above!

Just imagine how the International Space Station environment (absence of gravity effects, the vacuum of outer space, the high altitude above the Earth, the isolated environment for the astronauts) could benefit something that you want to investigate.

ISS Education Fund

SUCCESS is supported by the International Space Station Education Fund (ISSEF) - see to read about the fund.

More information

Please read the pages linked in the righthand column of this page for more information about the SUCCESS contest and details about how to enter.

If you have any questions concerning SUCCESS please contact us at

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