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We believe teachers are the best people to advise on what is most useful in the classroom
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What products do we have?

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At the moment we have three main products for secondary level, the ISS Education Kit, an enhanced online version of the secondary level ISS Education Kit, and a series of science DVD Lessons. At primary level we have 'mISSion possible' - online educational material for teachers - and the Primary ISS Education Kit. We are working on the development of an ISS 3-D Education Tool, as well as further DVD Lessons.

Product development

We firmly believe that the best people to advise on what would be most useful are the teachers who will use the products in the classroom. Before we develop any products we consult with teachers from across the ESA Member States, involving them through workshops and conferences, and seeking their input on the best way forward.

Involving teachers through workshops and conferences
Involving teachers through workshops and conferences

Teacher involvement in product development

Development events are usually organised at ESA's Research and Technology Centre, ESTEC, in the Netherlands, and participating teachers are introduced to the International Space Station through a managed programme of information briefings, videos, and guided tours of relevant facilities and models.

These events are used to investigate what the needs of the teachers are, to identify common elements in the European curricula, and to help us develop a concept that meets both the aims of Human Spaceflight education, and those of the teachers in the classrooms.

Development events to date include:

Teach Space 2001
Teach Space in Primary Education
ISS 3-D Education Tool Workshop