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ESA / Science & Exploration / Human and Robotic Exploration / European ISS Business Club

Membership is open to any entity dealing with industrial or application-oriented research.

The IBC will welcome as new members companies or institutions that have already used the ISS and other microgravity platforms for commercial R&D or for technology demonstration and transfer, or that are interested in exploiting, promoting and stimulating industry-driven R&D and technology demonstration in microgravity.

Membership is granted by ESA and no membership fees are charged.

Member services

ESA provides IBC members with a series of services, such as distribution of information material on opportunities connected to microgravity R&D or technology demonstrations, as well as invitations to relevant events which are organised by or which involve ESA or ESA Commercial Agents. Moreover, thematic forums or workshops, as well as visits to ESA sites can be organised on a demand basis for IBC members.

In addition, IBC members that have already used the ISS or other microgravity flight opportunities for application-oriented or commercial R&D or for technology demonstration and transfer could be granted the right of utilisation of the IBC trademark for their promotion/advertising activities.

To become an IBC member, please send an email with your name, job title, company name and postal address to