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Up to now guidance, navigation and control rely on widely used and mastered technologies such as star tracker, gyrometers, thrusters, reaction wheels, etc.

Mars Sample Return and future cargo or manned missions will involve both precision landing and rendezvous into Martian orbit. Those capabilities stress the use of new GNC technologies and techniques involving LIDARs and newer control algorithms.

In the long-term, performances of precision landing and rendezvous would be greatly enhanced and a sustainable approach would be fostered whether a GPS-like system would be set up.

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ExoMars Specific

Mars Sample Return Specific

Lidar-based relative navigation, guidance and control technologies
Planetary ascent vehicle navigation, guidance and control system
Robust online control customisation techniques for planetary space vehicle
Preliminary design of terrestrial demonstration for planetary lander navigation technologies

Generic Exploration Technologies

Interplanetary GNSS