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Help to shape Europe’s future in space – A public competition

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Have you ever wondered how Europe defines its space exploration strategy? Have you ever asked yourself who are the ‘space people’ who decide which parts of the universe Europe should explore, why and how? Five members of the general public are to be given a chance to experience this process at first hand.

The European Space Agency (ESA), in cooperation with the British National Space Centre (BNSC), invites Europeans to suggest their ideas for the next space exploration activities. Five members of the general public from all over Europe will be selected to join the European Exploration Workshop which will take place in Edinburgh, United Kingdom, on 8 and 9 January 2007.

To enter the competition, please reply to the two questions below.

  1. Why, in your view, is space exploration relevant to Europe, and what benefits can derive from space exploration for European citizens?
  2. Which space destinations should ESA target within the next 30 years from now and why?

All replies from valid entrants will be evaluated by ESA and BNSC to select the five winning participants. Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully before submitting your entry.

The contest closed on 4 December.

The European Exploration Workshop

ESA is working on a framework for European space exploration. During the last two years the Human Spaceflight, Microgravity and Exploration Directorate has conducted broad consultations addressing four major groups: Politics, Science, Industry and the General Public.

Between 2005 and today ESA set up a multi-disciplinary scenario team, which in particular analysed the potential European rationale and objectives for space exploration. As a result of this work a number of future space exploration scenarios have been developed responding to the requirements, interests and needs expressed by the different groups.

The aim of the European Space Exploration Workshop is to now bring together the representatives of each area, in order to review the scenario options and to further define the European implementation approach and priorities for space exploration.

Why is ESA addressing the general public?

Space exploration is a long-term endeavour which is driven by particular goals and objectives and which requires broad international co-operation, long-term political commitment and public support. The success of a space exploration programme will therefore ultimately depend on its recognition as a global, societal project.

What can participants expect from the Workshop?

The winners will get an interesting and exciting insight into decision-making processes in the field of space on a European scale. They will have the opportunity to work together with the leading European space scientists, representatives from Europe’s biggest and most important space companies and politicians responsible for space matters.

Furthermore, they will have the unique chance to help to shape the future of European space exploration. As a representative of one of the main stakeholder groups – the general public – the winners will follow the presentations and discussions during the conference, will take part in one of the interdisciplinary work group sessions and will be asked to provide their input on the proposed exploration scenarios.

Last but not least: the winners will be able to visit the beautiful city of Edinburgh, with its ancient traditions and a vibrant cultural scene.

We are looking forward to receiving your entry!

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