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ISS pass over northern Europe on 26 July
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Ideal conditions to see ISS now!

24/07/2003 1681 views 4 likes
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Right now conditions are ideal to see the International Space Station from Europe. For the next week or so, during the first couple of hours after sunset, the Station passes high overhead from West to East.

Thanks largely to its 73-meter long solar panels; the Space Station is now one of the brightest objects in the night sky. Travelling at 7.7 km/s, the Station can be spotted with the naked eye from when it rises above the horizon in a westerly direction, right up until it sets towards the East.

From now until early August, the orbit of ISS is such that at some point, for most areas of Europe, it will pass high overhead, making it even easier to spot.

With all other conditions being ideal, now all that is needed are clear skies!

Viewing times where you are

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