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Material Science Laboratory Electromagnetic Levitator (MSL-EML)

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The Material Science Laboratory Electromagnetic Levitator (MSL-EML) is the result of cooperation between ESA and German space agency DLR. The facility is installed in the European space laboratory Columbus. MSL-EML is a multi-user facility for the melting and solidification of conductive metals, alloys, or semiconductors in ultra-high vacuum, or in high-purity gaseous atmospheres. This is especially important for reactive materials, whose properties can be very sensitive to contamination. The heating and positioning of the sample are accomplished using electromagnetic fields generated by a coil system. Melting and solidification can both take place without containers, thanks to the 0 g environment.

The facility contains an Experiment Unit (EU) that can accept Experiment Inserts (EI). The Experiment Carrier will provide all necessary services to the Experiment Unit.

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