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André with EPO FOAM-Stability experiment
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Students aged 10–14 years are able to perform their own identical experiments and discover how convection and foams differ under the influence of gravity compared to the Station’s weightless environment.




Schools can order the educational kits by clicking the link on the right of this page.

This demonstration illustrates to students on a small scale how thermal gradients drive convective currents and thus, on the large scale of a planet, how temperature gradients influence density-driven convection and create atmospheric and oceanic currents.


EPO FOAM-Stability

This experiment demonstrates physical properties of wet foams and how gravity influences stability as well as how understanding foam formation and stability can help us make cutting-edge materials. André will show to students how a foam is created from pure water in microgravity, and observe its stability.


Take your classroom into space

Using good scientific practice, students on the ground can compare their results with André’s identical space experiments, by means of both recorded and live-link activities for educational events.

The EPO Convection and Foam Stability inflight call took place at the end of April. Participating venues were Nemo Science Center, Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Speyer Techniek Museum, Speyer (Germany), National Space Centre, Leicester (United Kingdom), Parque de las Ciencias, Granada (Spain).

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