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Spacewalk ends early

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A little more than an hour into the spacewalk, ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano reported water floating behind his head inside his spacesuit helmet. After NASA Flight Director David Korth ordered the sortie to end early, Parmitano headed back to the airlock ahead of NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy. The spacewalk ended at 13:29 GMT (15:39 CEST), 1 hour 32 minutes into the planned 6.5-hour excursion outside the International Space Station.
Inside the airlock, Parmitano removed his suit and engineers are looking for the cause of the leak. Mission managers are working to identify when the unfinished tasks planned for the spacewalk will be completed, although none is urgent and the crew and Station are not in any danger.
This spacewalk was the second shortest in Space Station history. It was the 171st spacewalk for Station assembly and maintenance, totalling 1075 hours 22 minutes. Of those, Cassidy's six sorties total 31 hours 14 minutes, and Parmitano's two total 7 hours 39 minutes.

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    Luca Parmitano 2nd Spacewalk

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    NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg helps Luca Parmitano remove his helmet and suit