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The Herschel satellite is a tall cylinder, about 7.5 m high and 4.0 m wide, with a launch mass of around 3.4 tonnes.

The Herschel spacecraft
Dimensions ~ 7.5 x 4.0 m (height x width)
Mass 3.4 tonnes at launch
Telescope mass 315 kg
Spacecraft 3-axis stabilised
Telescope size 3.5 m diameter primary mirror
Science data rate 130 kbps
Lifetime 3.5 years
Operational orbit Lissajous orbit at an average distance of 800 000 km from L2
Attitude thrusters 12 thrusters, 20 N each
Solar arrays Flat, fixed panels of triple-junction
Ga As cells,
Solar array area: about 12 m2
Batteries 39 Ah Lithium ion batteries
Communication 2 low gain antennae
1 medium gain antenna


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