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Total lunar eclipse
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Watch the total lunar eclipse on 21 February

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The early morning of Thursday, 21 February is your last chance to see a complete lunar eclipse before December 2010. Visible across most of western Europe, the best time to see the eclipse is between 4:01 am and 4:51 am CET.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Sun, Earth and the Moon are aligned and Earth casts its shadow over the Moon. You can watch the lunar eclipse with the naked eye without risk.

The upcoming eclipse will also be visible across majority of North America, South America and parts of Africa.

The exact timings of the different phases of the upcoming eclipse are given below, all times are in CET.

Visibility of the total lunar eclipse, 20 Feb 2008
Visibility of the total lunar eclipse, 20 Feb 2008
01:36 Penumbral eclipse begins
02:43 Partial eclipse begins
04:01 Total eclipse beings
04:26 Mid-eclipse
04:51 Total eclipse ends
06:09 Partial eclipse ends
06:15 Penumbral eclipse ends

The sub-lunar point will be located over Europe’s spaceport in French Guyana at mid-eclipse.

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