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Microelectronic Presentation Days (02/2004) - ESTEC
This page contains the topics during the second Edition of the Microelectronic Presentation Days on 4th and 5th of February 2002.  
1st Day - 4th of February 2004
  • DARE - Desgin Against Radiation Effects
    Author/Company: Emmanuel Liegeon, Alcatel Space Toulouse (F), Steven Redant, IMEC Leuven (B) (pdf)

  • Preparation of an ECSS Standard for Space Product Assurance of ASIC/FPGA Development
    Author/Company: Hartwig Storm, Volker Lück, Tesat-Spacecom GmbH, Backnang, (D) (pdf)

  • MPW Programme for Space in CMOS 0.18 rad hard ATC18RHA technology
    Author/Company: Jean Bouillon, ATMEL Nantes (F) (pdf)

  • FPGAs in Critical Applications and Model Support
    Author/Company: Sandi Habinc, Gaisler Research, Gothenburg (S) (pdf)

  • The SEUs Perl Tool
    Author/Company: Daniel Gonzalez Gutierrez, ESTEC Microelectronics Section (pdf)

  • FT-UNSHADES, a Xilinx based SEU emulator
    Author/Company: Miguel Angel Aguirre Echánove, Jonathan N.Tombs, AICIA-GTE (E) (pdf)

  • ATMEL AT697 processor prototype development status
    Author/Company: Nicolas Renaud, Atmel Nantes (F) (pdf)

  • LEONUMC - The LEON-2 Fault-Tolerant Processor in 0.18 um UMC Commercial Technology
    Author/Company: Roland Weigand, ESTEC Microelectronics Section, Steven Redant, IMEC (B) (pdf)

  • Design of a test board, validation and radiation test of the LEON-UMC processor
    Author/Company: Jiri Gaisler (S), Gaisler Research (S), Richard Pender, Pender Electronic Design (CH) (pdf)

  • ChipSat - a System-on-a-chip for Small Satellite Data Processing and Control: Architectural Study and FPGA Implementation
    Author/Company: Tanya Vladimirova, Surrey Space Centre, and Alex da Silva Curiel SSTL, Guildford (GB) (pdf)

  • Building Blocks for System-on-a-Chip: Spacecraft Controller on a Chip (SCoC)
    Author/Company: Marc Lefèbvre, Marc Souyri, EADS-Astrium (Vélizy, F) (pdf)

  • SpaceWire Router
    Author/Company: Stephan Fischer, Paul Rastetter, Tim Pike, EADS Astrium Munich (D), Gerald Kempf, Austrian Aerospace Vienna (A), Steve Parkes, University of Dundee (GB) (pdf)

  • Next Generation TMTC System (NTTS)
    Author/Company: Brian Tatman,Gregg Sims, Judie Elington, Satellite Services, Katwijk (NL) (pdf)

  • Single Chip Telemetry and Telecommand (SCTMTC) ASIC
    Author/Company: Tom Seeman, Saab Ericsson Space AB, Sandi Habinc, Gaisler Research (Gothenburg, S) (pdf)

  • The New SpaceWire Compliant SMCS332 / SMCSlite ASIC
    Author/Company: Stephan Fischer, Paul Rastetter, Uwe Liebstückel, Tim Pike, EADS Astrium Munich (D), Steve Parkes, University of Dundee (GB) (pdf)
    2st Day - 5th of February 2004
  • High-performance low power front-end for multi-band satellite navigation systems
    Author/Company: Frederik Naessens, IMEC, Leuven (B) (pdf)

  • AGGA-3: Next Generation GNSS ASIC
    Author/Company: Stefan Berberich, EADS-Astrium, Ottobrunn (D) (pdf)

  • T@MPO: Turbo coding at minimum power ASIC
    Author/Company: Lieven Hollevoet, IMEC, Leuven (B) (pdf)

  • BroadCast: A Combined Satellite/ Terrestrial UMTS Terminal Platform
    Author/Company: Lieven Philips, Agilent Technologies (B) (pdf)

    Author/Company: Franck Koebel, EADS-ASTRIUM (Vélizy, F) and IXSEA (F) (pdf)

  • Autocorrelation Spectrometers
    Author/Company: Dr. Anders Emrich, J. Dahlberg, L. Landen, S. Andersson, C. Tegnander, Omnisys, Gothenburg (S) (pdf)

  • FlexWave Image Compression
    Author/Company: Jan Bormans, IMEC (B) (pdf)

  • Recent and future rad-tolerant CMOS image sensors
    Author/Company: Werner Ogiers, FillFactory nv, Mechelen (B) (pdf)

  • Development of a flight-worthy microcamera based on the CMOS Integrated Radiation tolerant Imager System (IRIS3)
    Author/Company: Tom Torfs, Thys Cronje, Chris Van Hoof, IMEC, Leuven (B), Werner Ogiers, FillFactory, Mechelen (B) (pdf)

  • The FEIC development for the NPAL Project -
    Author/Company: Marc Souyri, EADS Astrium, Vélizy (F), Benoit Frapard, Christian Boléat, Gregory Flandin, EADS Astrium Toulouse (F) (pdf)

  • MSREM Breadboard development
    Author/Company: Jack Schneider, Hans-Ulrich Mathys, Contraves (CH) (pdf)

    Author/Company: Gunnar Maehlum, S. Mikkelsen, N. Pavlov, Ideas (N) (pdf)

  • High Performance Monolithic AD Converter Design
    Author/Company: Väinö Hakkarainen, Markku Åberg, VTT, HUT and Nokia (SF) (pdf)
    Last update: 26 June 2007

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